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Our brand new RACE-Approved CE Certification Program will be launching August 2024!  The Level 1 Certification and Level 1+2 Bundle are available for Presale through June 30th!

Senior Dog Veterinary Certification
Now Available for Presale!

Level 1 Certification

  • Release Date: August 3, 2024

  • 7 hours of RACE-Approved CE

  • Must complete before advancing to Level 2.

  • Available for Presale in Level 1+2 Bundle

  • Also available for stand alone Presale.

Level 1 focuses on the fundamentals of senior and geriatric canine care to prepare veterinary practitioners for the unique needs of their elderly canine patients and includes the following modules. 

  1. Introduction to Canine Geroscience and What Makes Senior Dogs Different?

  2. Defining the Senior and Geriatric Canine

  3. Introduction to Senior Dog Care Programs 

  4. Prepping for a Senior Dog Visit for Success

  5. Evaluating the Healthy Senior Dog

  6. Diagnostics Recommended: When and What?

  7. Introduction to Senior Dog Parent Communication

Level 2 focuses on the foundations and basics for senior and geriatric medicine within specialized areas and includes the following modules: 

  1. Anesthetic & Surgical Considerations for Senior Dogs

  2. Introduction to Nutritional Considerations for Healthy Senior Dogs

  3. Managing the CCD patient

  4. Introduction to Chronic Pain Mgmt in Senior Dogs

  5. Introduction to Senior Dog Dentistry

  6. Common Eye Abnormalities in Senior Dog

  7. Introduction to End of Life Care

Level 2

  • Release Date: August 3, 2024

  • 7.5 hours of RACE-Approved CE

  • Must complete Level 1 to access Level 2.

  • Available for Presale in Level 1+2 Bundle

  • Not available for stand alone Presale.

Race-Approved CE for veterinarians and veterinary professionals who want to advance the care of senior and geriatric canine patients.

Presale Options Available!


Level 1 Certification

Senior and Geriatric Dog Veterinary Certification: 

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Level 1+2 Bundle

Senior and Geriatric Dog Veterinary Certification

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the certification become available?

The certification becomes available to take by August 2024.  Official date will be published soon.  However, the certification will be available for presale mid-June. Presale ensures you will be the first to get access to the certification as soon as it is released!


What does this CE cover?

Senior and Geriatric Canine Veterinary Certification has two levels currently which will be built upon each year for veterinarians and vet professionals.  See Level 1 and Level 2 above.


Does this CE make a vet a senior dog specialist?

This veterinary certification is focused on enabling practitioners to become senior dog focused vets who have access and advanced training in the latest developments in canine geroscience and methods of caring for elderly canines.  


Certification allows pet parents to find practitioners in their area that continue to focus a large portion of their training on geriatric canine medicine.  At this time, there is no such thing as a specialty in geriatric canine medicine and our certification does not make a specialty.   


How often will I need to take CE to stay on the website?

Veterinary certification will need to be renewed annually in order to stay Senior Dog Certified.


Who can take this CE?

The veterinary certification can be taken by veterinarians, veterinary technicians and veterinary professionals.  As we grow, we will continue to evolve our CE offerings and have more tracks specific to each type of veterinary professional. 


Is this CE appropriate for specialists?

Absolutely. Our founder, Dr. Lauren Adelman DACVIM talks about how she learns so much from fellow specialists and vets in different areas of geriatric medicine by being a part of it. Listen to her here.


Is any of this CE relatable for cats?

Though there may be some crossovers for cats with aging, our CE is really focused on research behind canines at this time.  As a different species, cats would benefit from their own track.


The doctors and staff at my practice are very interested!  Are there group rates available for this? 

Yes! If you plan to purchase 4+ certifications for your staff, please reach out to us at and we will share group rates.

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