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About us:

The Senior and Geriatric Dog Society is on a mission to help senior dog loving vets and vet professionals advance the care and experience of their older canine patients. 

Founded by three veterinarians and supported by an amazing veterinary team, SAGDS is leading the future of senior and geriatric canine care.

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For senior dog loving veterinarians and veterinary professionals

Our Story:

Each of us have had that special senior dog patient that changed us.  When the three of us met online, we immediately bonded over a mutual obsession with our oldest patients.  And while we felt like we did a great job in our respective clinics, we kept asking ourselves:

"Can we be doing more for them?"

The answer was an obvious yes, so we started sharing ideas, systems and research we were implementing with one another and our colleagues, and before you know it, SAGDS was born!


Our Mission:

Our mission is to help you, the senior dog loving vets and vet techs out there -- who are passionate about doing the same for your patients.  Since starting SAGDS, we've had the opportunity to brainstorm and work with some of the brilliant minds in the industry on what the future of senior and geriatric medicine can look like for us as practitioners.

Our goal is to not only to help lead the future of senior dog-focused medicine, but to also help all of you -- the amazing vets and vet techs that want to join us in creating a new standard of care for this special group of patients.   

We think the future is bright for our senior and geriatric dogs, and we're so glad you are here.  Please consider joining us in our Facebook group and  feel free to reach out anytime at

Dr. Lauren, Dr. Monica and Dr. Lisa

SAGDS Founding Veterinarians

Meet the Founders:


Lauren Adelman, DVM, DACVIM (SAIM)

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Monica Tarantino, DVM

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Lisa Lippman, DVM

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Veterinary and Advisory Team - Coming Soon!

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